Asknow Review

Asknow Review

(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.) is an online network of screened and experienced psychic advisors from all over the world who offers accurate and true guidance for any dilemma that you might be going through. With the help of an authentic psychic reading, you will get new insights into different areas of your life and find the right solutions for your problems.

It may be similar to the other psychic sites that you may have tried. AskNow takes pride in giving users the choice to connect with their psychics either through an online chat or a telephone reading. The website has a wide pool of advisors all gifted and offering a wide range of specialties.

AskNow targets to make it easy for people to find psychic readers with a money back guarantee and affordable promotions. Their website is, and all information is provided to make it easy to find and visible.


  • Introductory price is affordable
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Free questions to psychics (w/ purchase)
  • Informative profile summaries to psychics
  • The website has easy navigation


  • Not all attributes are available in the filter function
  • Free minutes redemption has a time limit
  • Satisfaction guarantee also comes with a limit



AskNow currently has over hundreds of active psychic advisors. They have different specialties in different fields so that you can rest assured that you are being handled by the best.



AskNow is pretty popular for its strict screening process. It screens both its new and old psychics. It ensures that the website does not accept psychics randomly. It has a highly competitive applications process, and psychics require a lot of high qualifications as well as experience to be able to get a job at AskNow.

With a pretty competitive applications process, it is said that only about 10 % of the psychic applicants are hired and accepted. Psychics go through several levels of interviews before they get the privilege of being accepted at the website. Their psychic abilities are tested out through several trials and even practice readings which ensure they know what exactly they are doing and that they practice the things they preach.

The main target of all psychics at AskNow is to put the customers first and make sure that the readings they offer keep them satisfied.

For those psychics who receive a lot of bad reviews and complaints from its clients, the website stops giving clients to that specific psychic.


AskNow has a variety of psychic categories, and hence you can pick your choice from a wide variety of readings. Here is a sample of some of the most popular services at AskNow.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIP: Are you tired of being single? Does it worry you that your romantic relationship has gone off track? A love reading by a psychic can give you the much needed compassionate guidance which will help you to improve the situation drastically. With the help of a professional advisor, you just might be able to see the details which you may have missed out on trying to make things right for your relationship.

MONEY & FINANCE: Are you having problems with money? Are you stuck in a rut? A money reading can aid to clear the financial obstacles that are standing in the way of your abundance.

CAREER & GOALS: Are you stressed because of work problem? Is it taking forever to reach your career goal? Try out the career reading at AskNow and see if it helps.

TAROT CARD READING: No psychic service is complete without a tarot card reading. Try out the tarot readers section where you are specialized psychics just for this.


As an introductory offer, AskNow starts its pricing from $1 for 1 minute. Different advisors vary in their pricing according to their type. There are Master psychics, Elite psychics, and Top Rated psychics all charging different rates at each level. The website clearly displays costs per minute in the summary section of each psychic advisor.

Currently, there are two special promotions that AskNow is running:

  1. You can pay $10 and get 15 minutes with a psychic. Elite/Master psychics also offer five free minutes.
  2. You can ask a free question in the second promo (w/purchase), and an experienced psychic will answer it. After you ask your question, you will be given a code which you can enter to retrieve your answer. You will have to submit your first name, birth date, and email. It may be worth mentioning that the website is open only to individuals above 18 years.


The great news is, AskNow avails its customer service 24/7 and is so far very responsive. They have listed 1-800 phone numbers in different spots on their main page which you can call for any questions, problems or queries. The best thing is that the representative who answers the call is a real person and not some automated computer message. You get real solutions and pretty quickly.

The representatives from the customer service are open to providing refunds if you have an issue which can be resolved only with a repayment.

If you are not happy with the psychic service, you can always get a refund. You can get the refund in credits which you can use to pay to a different psychic of your personal choice.

Besides the 1-800 number, you can also reach out to their customer service at AskNow through email. You will probably get back a message from them in under 24 hours or at the most, two days accompanied by a full response concerning your problem.


After thorough research and testing, we have come to the positive conclusion that AskNow is definitely not a scam. The website is legit, and the psychics we have tried so far are legitimate who are ready to aid you by offering their compassionate personal guidance.

We have “tested” out several psychic advisors from the website, and all of them turned out to be caring and trustworthy. We have tried them through both online chat and phone readings. The answers they gave were pretty accurate and thoughtful. The depth of their knowledge impressed us.




(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)

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