Hollywood Psychics Review

Hollywood Psychics Review



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With Hollywood Psychics, you can get your readings through online chat or phone call. The website offers psychics with a wide variety of specialties which includes the likes of tarot card readings, dream interpretations and more. They have a hassle free policy in delivering their satisfaction guarantee and most of all; you can get in touch with their psychics 24/7.

Their website operates in similar lines as the other successful online psychic networks. While most other websites limit themselves to phone readings, Hollywood Psychics are also open to phone calls.

The website offers some great promotions which make getting started quite affordable and easy. They recently updated their website which has made it a lot more simple to find a psychic of your choice with their compare functions and handy filter.


  • If you are not satisfied, they will refund your money
  • Easy to find the perfect psychic of your choice with the efficient search function
  • All psychic readings are available at $1 per minute
  • They have an extensive section for articles and resources
  • Customer support is available 24/7


  • Only signed up members get access to the daily horoscope
  • Not many details on the psychics available at the homepage
  • Need to carefully read the fine print because their policies have a lot of conditions



There are currently a wide array of psychic advisors at Hollywood Psychics to choose from. The website does not mention how many psychics they have employed at the moment.



To make sure they employ only the best of psychics, Hollywood Psychics have an intense screening process in check. They also do a background check of each of the psychics before they employ them. This is very important for customers in order to be able to trust the website and the psychic readings that they pay for.

Psychics have to go through multiple interviews conducted by the staff at the website. They are also made to do readings by active psychics on the website to make sure they are the real deal.

Their screening process is quite unique because it is a peer to peer thing with active psychics on the website interviewing prospective psychics and reviewing their applications who are looking to join the website.

There is currently no information on the total percentage of the applicants that are accepted or even rejected by the website. It is a difficult process by not impossibly challenging as compared to the other psychic networks on the internet.


The psychic advisors at Hollywood Psychics have a lot of experience and have their own specializations. Here are some of the most popular services they offer:

Tarot Readings: No psychic service is complete without a tarot reading service. Many psychics offer this service to read someone’s future and pin down their fate. The 78 illustrated tarot cards when used efficiently can paint the picture of a customer and get insight into their essence and find out what it is that they are facing. Cartomancy is also similar to tarot reading which uses a deck of cards to read a person’s fortunes. Hollywood Psychics offer both the services.

Clairvoyants: Clairvoyants are people who make use of their extrasensory skills and senses to look into the future and even beyond. Many customers use this skill to find out what is happening in their life or the things that they could face in the near future and they should know about.

Empaths: When we are going through a rough patch, sometimes all that we ever want is to have someone understand exactly what we are feeling at the moment. Psychic empaths have the ability to share in the emotions of customers and truly understand what they feel. This helps them to find insights into dealing with their problems effectively.

Psychic Medium: There is a spiritual world beyond this physical world. Psychic mediums can actually enter this world to help customers communicate with loved ones who have died and have entered the spiritual world. Numerous people are looking towards mediums so that they can connect with their loved ones.

There are other specialized psychics on the website who offer services like numerology, dream analysis, animal readings and so on and so forth.


Hollywood Psychics have a special introductory price for new members at just $1 for one minute. Once you have used that up, you will have to use their standard plans. This straightforward and simple pricing method has made it easier for a lot of people.

The website also offers a customer incentive plan which is called the membership perks. For members, you will get five extra bonus minutes as free for every 10 minutes of paid reading.


There are a number of reasons why Hollywood Psychic has impressive customer support and service. For starters, their customer service is available 24/7. You can simply call their 1-800 numbers on the phone where the real representatives are there to help you answer any questions or solve any problem. You can also share your concerns through an email and get a quick response in just a matter of a few hours.


So far, Hollywood Psychics seem to be quite legit and reliable too. During our review process, we reached out to some of the psychics and got readings. We asked personal questions that no one would know like our love life, our family, etc.

The answers we received were consistently accurate and true. Their psychics are also very warm and compassionate. Talking to them about our most private aspects of life was quite easy.

If you are someone looking for relief and peace of mind from personal stress and burden, you should definitely give it a try. They have a money back guarantee and a great promo price, which is pretty much a win-win for you. Remember to keep an open mind if you are new to such things.




(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)

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