How To Avoid Psychic Scams

How To Avoid Psychic Scams

More and more people are beginning to develop an inclination towards the supernatural and the psychic world. However, with the growth of clients, there has also been an unprecedented increase in fake psychics and scam artists who try to exploit these customers. These deceptive elements are very skillful and cunning in the way they interact and use customers who come to them. We believe that all of us should be able to recognize a con when we see one. With that goal in mind, here are the signs of a fake psychic and the steps you can take to avoid them.

Do not share crucial personal information.

Never share personal details like your social security number, bank details, insurance info, credit card details, etc. These should not be relevant in your readings. So if your psychic asks for information like this, politely refuse and leave.

Do background checks on your psychic

Look for recommendations or feedback given by other customers. A legitimate psychic always has background information that shows that he/she is credible. Check if they have a website with proper information about their identity, abilities, specialties, well-known clients, etc. Scam artists will try their best to withhold information about themselves.

Do not entertain spells and bad-luck curses

These are among the classic psychic scams that pressure people into paying money unnecessarily. If a psychic “reveals’ that you are plagued with a ‘curse,’ or a ‘spell’ has been cast on you, you should dismiss all of it and head for the door. If you don’t, the ‘solution’ will usually involve the payment of money or resources.

Also, if the psychic claims he/she can cast a spell on you to make your life better, find true love, etc. that is also a scam. The only thing this ‘spell’ will do is hurt you and your wallet.

Healing physical illnesses

Some psychics will claim to have ‘healing’ powers that can make your ailments and illnesses go away, usually at an exorbitant price. These are traditionally scammers who will vanish with your money. The golden rule here is that you should not expect a psychic to replace your doctor.

Do not engage with suspicious emails

Some fake psychics resort to sending emails to vulnerable clients. These emails usually contain a very vague description of what is happening in your life. The content is so ambiguous that it will sound relevant for almost anyone. Finding out more will usually cost money. Delete and ignore emails of this nature.

Always choose reputed and credible psychics

Good psychics still have a strong and trust-worthy clientele. They also enjoy a reputation of making good readings and revelations. Your safest bet when it comes to psychics is to go for one who is legitimate and vouched by a lot of people. This way you don’t even approach the likelihood of going to a scammer.

In conclusion, let us remember that when it comes to psychics, we engage with a world that we do not fully understand. But trust your instincts and senses. If it seems too good to be true or expects so much sacrifice form you, stay away from it.

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