Kasamba Review

Kasamba Review

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For those of you who are not aware of the general purpose of Kasamba, it is an online based psychic network which offers services for psychic reading via a live chat platform. Users are offered more than 60 varieties of psychic readings to choose from, and these are delivered only by experts in that specific field.

Kasamba targets to connect individuals who have an open mind and are looking for legit psychic readers with the potential to provide guidance in different areas like career success self-empowerment, love, and just general satisfaction in life.

The website provides high security and privacy for all conversations and readings to maintain client-advisor confidentiality. It also fosters tranquility and comfort in this interactive space.


  • The website is user-friendly which is navigable easily and has a design that is appealing.
  • Offers over thousands of different psychics, depending on the category of psychic reading you are looking for.
  • All new members are offered a free three minutes consultation



  • The customer support and service is quite poor.
  • The process of screening to take in psychics may is quite lax because most of the psychics applying for the position in the website are tested by the site’s staff members.



Currently, there are thousands of active psychics available in Kasamba. This is one of the most popular aspects of Kasamba because it opens its doors to all psychics from different parts of the world. It screens all psychics before adding it to their website. With a wide variety of options, you can choose your psychic according to their country, religion (if any), culture, etc.



Kasamba does not really have a strict screening process when taking in its psychics. This is why customers have to be doubly careful when selecting the right psychic for them. Fortunately, the website allows customers to give reviews and ratings. You can also check the history of a psychic in Kasamba. Make use of this because they do not have a decent process for screening.



Kasamba takes pride in avoiding any kind of unspecific and muddy details on how to handle life’s decisions. The psychic advisors available on the website vary in their different specialties. Nonetheless, it has managed to come up with a list of specific services which are suitable for your individual requirements.

Some of the psychic readings on Kasamba include:

PSYCHIC CHAT: It includes rune casting, pet psychic services, crystal readings, aura readings, and more.

TAROT READINGS: In this type of reading, psychics make use of the popular tarot cards, makes connections between you and your past, future, and present to guide you to the right path for personal success. The website has such a wide variety of different tarot readers to pick from.

ASTROLOGY READINGS: Astrology readers have been able to offer an insight into your personal future based on the facts from your present and past simply by forming a birth chart which has your location and date of birth.

LOVE PSYCHIC ADVISING: Love psychic advisors in Kasamaba can aid you in making big decisions in your romantic life with the use of insightful guidance through the spirit.

FORTUNE TELLING: Fortune telling as we all know a staple service found in all top networks of psychic readings. Kasamba has psychics who specialize in offering fortune telling and can give you insightful and honest guidance with regard to your future.

CAREER FORECASTS/GUIDANCE: Career specialized psychics can offer you spiritual guidance and helpful insight that you need in order to be able to make decisions which will lead you to the path to success and happiness in all professional endeavors.

DREAM ANALYSIS: Dream psychic advisors can actually reveal the innermost desires of your mind and heart. It will also determine different meanings in your dreams by analyzing important dream symbols.


All new members who sign up for the first time are given a free three minute consultation with any psychic from the thousands in the website.

For those of you looking to benefit from the premium service, you will have to buy 10 minutes in total with the psychic of your choice.

The great thing about Kasamba is that different psychics offer different prices in one minute. It is determined by factors like the level of experience they have and their qualifications.

The prices will generally range from as low as $2 to as high as $20. You there has a variety of price list to choose from, and it all depends on your budget and the number of the readings that you would want.

Remember first to check the reviews and ratings of each individual psychic. Also, check their availability schedule before you fork over your hard earned money.

Kasamba accepts all major debit and credit cards as modes of payment. It also accepts PayPal.


The customer service in Kasamba is quite poor. Telephone support is absent. I personally found it to be quite a hassle. With unreliable customer service, it makes it very difficult for customers to claim their refund in case they are not happy with the reading. To claim a refund, you have to fill out the form on the website. It is stated in the form that they reserve all rights not to refund if they see it fit. At least there is a guarantee of satisfaction.

The guarantee in Kasamba states that in case customers are not happy with the service, they will refund their purchase price to a limit of $50. The absence of a telephone customer support is simply unacceptable in this age. However, Kasamba does handle all issues quite well.


What makes Kasamba stand out from the other websites offering psychic readings is that it offers a wide variety of specialties. It covers even some of the rare niche specialities. Users can interact with their psychics anytime and anywhere thanks to their 24/7 open door policy. Its first-time deals are appealing for testing new psychics, and first-time users can also give it a test with their free 3-minute consultation. It is a good choice for individuals looking for a wide variety of psychic readings.




(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)


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