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Keen Review



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Keen is a psychic reading site with one of the most extensive networks of psychics and advisers. They specialize in helping you find answers to the most vital questions on life, love, relationships, career, etc. Their network boasts more than 1700 psychic advisers who are committed to aiding you in finding clarity and meaning in any issue in your life. They claim to have provided over 35 million conversations with over 14 million satisfied customers, which is impressive as far as numbers are concerned.

With the aim of providing a comprehensive and extensive evaluation of the website, we have put together this review which describes everything you ought to know about the service.


  • 24/7 availability of psychics through phone, chat or the mobile app.
  • Rates are affordable (as low as 1.99 a minute).
  • ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed' feature that can refund or offer free services.



  • There is no option for Video chat.
  • The search function does not have as many options as some of the other sites.
  • The system of recruitment of psychics is not very comprehensive


NUMBER OF PSYCHIC SELECTIONS has a large selection of psychic advisers numbering more than 1700. That is three or four times the number of psychics in smaller psychic sites. As far as options are concerned, you do not have to worry about finding a suitable psychic.



Among the great features that offers to its users, the screening process is one that has faced criticism because a lot of users feel that it is not competent enough. The customers can submit reviews and ratings which can determine the credibility of a psychic. But the site itself does not have a proper verification process in place, which means you may encounter fake psychics or generally ineffective predictions occasionally. While this by itself is not enough reason to disregard the site, it has been an area of concern for some customers.

On the other hand, the crowd-sourcing approach also has its advantages. The good psychic advisers all have outstanding ratings and feedback so that you can expect excellent service. The credibility of these psychics is not validated just by the website, but by the firsthand input of the customers. So you can rest assured that the psychics with good reviews are worth the time you spend with them.


LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS: One of the most popular categories in Kee’s services, ‘Love and Relationships' attracts the most number of users on the site. The psychics here are also well-known for solving confusions regarding love. The readings can reveal things like whether or not your current relationship has a future, whether you’re likely to meet someone new, etc.

TAROT READINGS: One of the classic ways of engaging with a psychic, tarot readings are also one of the services users can avail. Sometimes mistaken as a technique of predicting future events, it is actually a method used by the reader to learn more about the customer. Also, it can reveal things about the customer which he wasn’t aware of.

SPIRITUAL READINGS: The site also offers spiritual readings for customers who are looking to find explanations of the spiritual realm. The advisers will see beyond the physical and material aspects, to bring about new meaning and a clearer understanding of all things spiritual.

LIFE QUESTIONS: also has a Life questions category where you can interact with a psychic to clear up confusions about any major life decisions facing you. Users generally consult this section to learn insights about career decisions, a big move or other huge choices that they have to make in life.

PSYCHIC MEDIUMS: You can also avail the services of a psychic medium. Most of the users who opt for mediums are people who have lost a loved one. This service involves the psychic communicating with the soul on the ‘Other side.’ It helps grieving families or individuals to say things they couldn’t while the person was still alive. It has proven to be a source of peace and recovery for a lot of grieving friends or relatives.

OTHER SERVICES: The website also offers a range of additional services that specialize in particular objectives. These services include interpreting dreams, pet psychics, astrology, numerology, etc. You can avail these specific services if you feel that the main categories are too general for your taste.

Spanish customers can avail ‘Psiquicos’ if they want their reading to be performed in Spanish.


Keen has one of the best pricing plans among other psychic sites on the web today. New customers can sign-up and get the first three minutes free with any psychic that is available and online.

Also, some of the psychics will offer a 10 minute reading for only $1.99. That’s probably the cheapest offer for new customers among all the dating sites.

In regular use, the psychics all have their rates displayed in their profile when they appear on the site. Most of the psychics will charge something between $2 to $10 per minute. Famous psychics may also charge as high as over $30 a minute.


You can contact the customer service team by using the in-site form to enter your details and provide a description of what issue you are facing.

You can also use the phone number (877 533 6435) they have provided on the site if you want to talk directly to a site representative.

The ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ section also has a form that you can fill up for feedback. This form can be used to communicate if your reading was unsatisfactory. If the site managers agree that your case is genuine, they can reschedule another session with other psychics free of cost. It can also grant you a refund of your money up to $24. However, this money is paid in keen dollars. Which means you can only spend it on the site while availing their services.

FINAL CONCLUSION has been around for a long time, and it has been providing quality readings for a lot of happy customers. While the screening system has faced some backlash, it continues to deliver credible psychics to its users. The bottom line is that has managed to utilize the crowd-sourcing method in ensuring that customers get a good reading and a satisfying experience.




(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)




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