Learn About The Differences In Psychic Abilities

Learn About The Differences In Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities come in different forms and effects. As you delve more into this world, you will find that psychics utilize different gifts for different purposes. Some may be able to tap into multiple gifts while others may specialize in one gift. Either way, it is vital that we are aware of what these gifts are, and what they accomplish, so that we get more out of our interactions with these gifted people.


Sometimes called the ‘inner seeing’ or ‘third eye,’ this gift enables the user to observe things that you and I may not see. They can unravel new insights into our lives.


It gives the psychic ‘clear feeling’ abilities. They may be able to feel or detect sensations that others cannot.


This ability will allow the psychic to hear sounds that are otherwise not audible. It is commonly used by mediums to communicate with lost loved ones.


It enables the user to know and affirm something without apparent logic or proof of facts. The psychic can perceive something to be true even if no explanation was made.


Psychics can sense certain smells or aromas while in this state. It is called ‘Clairalience,’ and it is also one of the gifts the mediums frequently use.


Clairgustance is the gift that allows a psychic to taste things without having things in their mouth. They can sense flavors or palates that can mean specific things to the client.

Lucid projection

Also called ‘Astral projection,’ it allows the person to transcend the physical state. He/she will leave the physical body and tap into a level of consciousness which is inaccessible in the physical state.


It is the ability of psychics to foresee different possibilities of a future event. It does not mean predicting exactly what will happen. Rather, it gives the user different possibilities that can come to pass.


This ability enables the psychic to see and perceive things that happened in past lives. It also allows the user to see things that happened in the consciousness of the person when he/she did not exist as a physical being. They believe that this state of consciousness exists between past and present lives.


It is the gift that allows the user to transmit as well as receive information with another consciousness. The information may be a person’s thoughts, or it may be something more complicated, such as information from another dimension.


Psychics use this gift to deduce information about a person using an object that belonged to this person. It is the ability to perceive things from inanimate objects.


The ability to let a non-physical entity speak through the person is called ‘Psychophony.’ Mediums can use this gift to communicate with extra-physical spirits.


It is the ability to move, manipulate or shift an object or energy using only the power of the mind.


It is the ability of psychics to detect and find specific resources (precious stones, water, burial sites, etc) without using any scientific equipment.

Remote viewing

This ability enables the user to see or view things/persons who are far away or not present in the current line of sight.

Aura reading

This gift allows the psychic to ‘read’ or assess the energy or aura that surrounds a person.


A less common ability among psychics, it gives the user the ability to create or imprint images or shapes on a surface using just their minds.

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