Lifereader Review

Lifereader Review

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Life Reader is an online psychic service based in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. It was only recently that they opened their psychic reading services to the citizens of the USA. So far, they seem to have a good system for selecting their psychics and the quality of their services rendered also seems to be above par. Unlike the other online psychic websites, they do not focus much on amassing a wide selection of psychic advisors. Rather, they focus more on those psychic readers that provide accurate and honest readings which proves that they are actually going out of their way offers honest services instead of just trying to make a quick buck. Due to this, Life Reader has a loyal customer base ever since they started their business back in the year 2008. The website’s introductory price is only $0.19 for one minute which is far below the average price in most of the other psychic networks around the world. The deal is simply amazing. The website is very user-friendly and has a very comprehensive FAQ for all its customers. The only downside is that they do not offer a money back guarantee or even a phone number for customer service for those customers who may not be happy with their readings.


  • All of their psychic advisors go through a screening, and they also check whether a psychic has a criminal background or not before they accept them into the network
  • Readings available through email, live chat and phone
  • All chats start with free 4 minutes
  • Clients can try out the service with as low as $ 0.19 for the first 10 minutes
  • By setting up custom refill parameters, your readings will never be distracted by other factors
  • Life Reader has been in business since 2008


  • The introductory rate may be impressively low, but the average rates are comparatively higher than the other psychic network prices. They charge $3 – $6.50 for one minute
  • They do not offer a satisfaction guaranteed policy
  • The website has a limited search filter and hence does not allow you to search by the area of expertise


We have not found any number on how many active psychics they have so far. However, when browsing for different varieties of psychic in different specialties, we have gotten impressive results so far. So we are pretty happy with the variety and quantity of their psychics so far.



Life Reader has not mentioned anything about the screening process of their psychics. We did not find any information on it anywhere on their website. We have also gone so far s to contact them and ask about their screening process, but we have not gotten any replies so far. All that is left is to keep our fingers crossed and hope they have an intense screening process to make sure they employ only the best for their website.


Another shortcoming at Life Reader is that their search filters do not allow the customers to search for psychics according to their special areas of expertise. Therefore you cannot choose a psychic according to the type of reading that you are personally looking for. The good thing is, Life Reader offers a highly detailed profile description for each of their active psychic advisors. You can also determine which psychic is the best choice for your need by simply reading their customer review which is openly displayed for all visitors to check out. They offer their readings through different modes like email, chat, live chat or even phone calls. You choose one as per your personal liking. Busy customers can also schedule their appointment for a one on one reading with a psychic advisor of your personal choice.


Life Reader has some of the most highly experienced psychics in the industry. This is the reason why even though they do not have any toll free customer support, they are still able to enjoy a higher than average positive feedback from the customers. As far as we can say, it is quite an investment, and there is so far no evidence of people getting scammed by this website.

Find out for yourself by simply paying $0.19 for a long 10 minutes of personal psychic consultation. Sadly, they do not offer a refund for unhappy customers so be smart with your first minutes. For payment, Life Reader only accepts Mastercard and Visa.

Every single one of the chat sessions starts with a free offer for the first 4 minutes. This is really helpful because good readings should not be rushed if you want accurate results.


Life Reader really needs to improve its customer service. When we were testing out their service, we simply could not find a customer support number to reach them. However, to be fair, their FAQ section is quite detailed so that it answers almost all of the questions that people might have. But, nothing beats a telephone conversation when you have queries, and you just want to talk to a real person and get answers to all your queries. In this day and age, a customer support line which is toll-free is simply a must for any business.


So far, Life Reader has one of the best prices for its customers in comparison to the other psychic networks on the internet. For those of you who are desperately in need of psychic advice but simply cannot afford the astronomical prices on the other sites, then Life Reader is your best bet. The website is also very easy to use, and the sign-up process takes less than a minute depending on your internet speed. However, we are a little apprehensive about the screening process of their psychics, not to mention the disappointment with their absence of reliable customer service. However, considering their impressive pricing, we can easily overlook this one.





(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)


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