Psychic Source Review

Psychic Source Review

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Psychic Source is an online network source where they have active psychics available for personal psychic readings. They offer their services through phone calls or online chats at the website. It is currently claimed to be one of the most reputable when it comes to online psychics. The website also offers a money back guarantee on all of the readings.

Psychic Source is quite similar to the website California Psychics. The site offers live web chat readings which are a popular feature among most of the clients. Most of their psychics have abilities in a wide range of different psychic gifts.

The website is quite friendly to new customers by providing special offers. They also offer a money back guarantee and commendable customer support. The website is highly sought after by people who want a psychic reading from the past.


  • It has been in the industry for more than 25 years
  • They open their services 24/7 so that you can get a reading anytime you like and anywhere
  • New customers are given an introductory rate of $1 for a minute
  • Money back guarantee
  • Offers membership rewards with a minimum of 3 % reward points in dollars for every reading
  • They have full-time customer service on standby for individuals looking for questions or personal concerns about the service


  • You cannot meet the psychics in person because they are only available through web chat or online
  • Getting psychic readings from the best psychics can be costly because they charge as high as $12 for one minute after you have used up the introductory offer rate


There are currently multiple levels of screening processes to select a single psychic for the website. Psychic Source has hundreds of psychics and is very selective about who they hire because they only want the best.



Psychic Source has a target to offer only the best psychics in the market, and hence they have set up an intense screening process. The website uses different ways to be able to separate the good ones from the bad ones.

To be able to get through their process, a psychic needs to undergo different levels of interviews with the Psychic Source staff members.


Based on the life questions that you might have, they offer different types of psychic readings from specialized advisors.

PSYCHIC MEDIUMS: Psychic Source is concerned about the difficulty of dealing with the death of loved ones. They have specialized psychic mediums who offer clients to have more time with them and give them the opportunity to be able to tell them how they feel and the impact they have made in their lives.

Some of the psychic mediums in Psychic Source are communicating directly with the dead. It has become a most sought-after service for those of the individuals who are looking for closure right after they have lost their loved ones to death.

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS: Many people who are single a curious about whether they will find love again. There are also people in relationships that are under the dilemma about whether or not it is the right one. Psychic advisors at Psychic Source have been offering accurate answers to similar questions.

There are different psychics on the website who specialize in different areas like relationship and love readings. They are also highly helpful for providing individuals with peace of mind and the clarity that they need to deal with such situations.

CAREERS: Besides love and family, the other thing that takes up the biggest factor in a person’s life is a career. For most of the people, it causes a lot of stress when things don’t go as they want in their career. Psychic Source is specialized in pairing clients with the right psychic advisor so that they will be able to get the right answers with regards to their professional life.

CLAIRAUDIENTS, CLAIRVOYANTS, AND CLAIRSENTIENTS: There are certain psychics who are gifted with the potential to get information from the past, the present and even from the future with the help of their enhanced sensory perception.

People already know about clairvoyants. These are psychics who are able to see into a person’s life and give you inferences about the future or even insights to some of your problems or questions.

Closely related to this are clairsentient and clairaudient. Clairaudients have the gift of hearing things with their enhanced ability which is not present in normal people. Clairsentients also get their psychic gifts through their capability to feel which is not normally present in regular people.

Psychics like these are helpful when people are looking to communicate with the world of the spirit or even the angels or the demons.

EMPATHS: An empath psychic has the ability to tap into one’s underlying emotions of their clients and even the ones who are closest to them. Empaths are great at providing insight into your emotions, life and how situations are affected because of stress or conflicts in your personal life. It is very helpful reading for people going through a tough time in their emotional state and is in need of resolve.

PET PSYCHICS: Do you want to talk to your pet? Or maybe you have lost your pet, and you want to talk to them, or they are missing, and you want them back. Psychic Source is probably one of the few online psychic sites that offer specialized pet psychics. They can communicate with pets living or dead.


There is a variety of pricing at Psychic Source, and it is determined by the level of the experience of each psychic. It will also depend on the duration of time you spend with them in a reading. You can avail psychics for as low as $1 for one minute. However, there are other higher end psychics who charge as high as $10 for one minute for personal readings.

INTRODUCTORY PRICE: A popular service at Psychic Source is their introductory rate at just $1 for one minute. If you are new, you can buy about 30 minutes of psychic reading at just $30. Users can also buy smaller amounts at the $1 rate but the $30 for 30 minutes is the most popular.

By combing this deal and the free three minutes reading, new customers can get started with as low as 91 cents for one minute.


Compared to the customer support of other psychic sites, Psychic Source does a pretty good job. They offer a 100 % money back guarantee, and their customer support is available 24/7. You can contact them through email or phone calls.



After testing out the website, we have come to the conclusion that Psychic Source offers gifted psychics who have the accurate answers. They offer great pricing, an assortment of psychic selections, fantastic customer support and more.








(FTC Disclaimer: We receive compensation from referrals from this site. Learn More.)

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