Top 5 Psychic Abilities And What They Mean

Top 5 Psychic Abilities And What They Mean

Psychic skills come in different natures and forms. When you sit down to have a reading, you may not fully understand, but the psychic will be tapping into one or a combination of multiple abilities to show you what you seek. These skills are usually inherent, but the person must exercise and develop them over a period of time.

Although there are a variety of skills and abilities that psychics can develop, there are five core abilities that determine and influence all the other gifts. They are sometimes known as the ‘clairs’ (French for ‘clear’), and they are manifested in the following ways:


It means ‘Clear Seeing’ (also called inner seeing, third eye, psychic vision). It is an ability that is well-known among psychics but not easily understood and explained. It involves ‘seeing’ things more clearly by noticing things that are not visible or apparent to other people.

It is usually shown through subtle ways to a psychic’s mind. Sometimes this may mean a name, a number, a color, or a symbol, etc. and even the psychic may not know what it means till it is revealed to the client. Other times, it may appear as a vision that is obvious and understood by the psychic.

It may not be as dramatic and graphic as movies like to portray them. But it always involves having the psychic see an instinctive visual sign about something.


‘Clear Feeling’ is when the psychic can experience intuitive information through sensations, emotions or feelings. It gives the psychic the ability to identify and feel the moods and emotions of other people. It can also be overwhelming for them if there is too much negativity or bad vibes on a person. They believe that all of us have a basic form of ‘Clair-sentience’ in us. We call it empathy.


As the name suggests, this ability implies ‘Clear hearing’, and it allows the person to use his ‘inner hearing’ to perceive things that may not be audible with our physical ears. As confusing as that sounds, psychics can use this skill to hear sounds, voices or sometimes even music.

Mediums also use this skill to ‘hear’ words or sentences that strike them in their minds.


It is the ability to know certain things without using a premise or logic to arrive at a conclusion. It translates to ‘clear knowing’. Psychics believe that mild forms of Clair-cognizance are seen in ordinary people too. For example, when you have a feeling in your gut to go ahead and do something even if it seems unreasonable and later on you are proved to be right.

Clairalience and Clairgustance

We believe that these two abilities are equally significant and that is why we included both as the final entry in psychic abilities. Clairalience is the ability to smell things that are beyond our physical senses. It means ‘Clear smelling’.

Clairgustance’ meaning ‘clear tasting’ is when a psychic can sense certain tastes even though they may not have anything in their mouths. Mediums can use these skills to show that they are making contact with the spiritual world or the ‘other’ dimension.

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