What Is A Psychic Reading And Are They Accurate?

What Is A Psychic Reading And Are They Accurate?

A Psychic reading is when a reader seeks to perceive information through a variety of gifts that help them to sense or reveal things that are otherwise unknown to us. These gifts come in different forms and abilities such as ‘Clairvoyance’ (Clear seeing, inner eye), ‘Claircognizance’ (Clear knowing), ‘Clairsentience’ (Clear feeling), etc.

Many times people mistake psychic readings to occur as dramatic visions that predict the future. While such an experience may be part of a translation, it is not the sole purpose or manner in which they take place.

Being a psychic implies being in tune with your intuition and spirit guides, in such a way that you can communicate and sense information that may be out of reach for ordinary people. Most psychics believe that these abilities are entirely normal and part of our being. For example, many of us experience situations where our instincts and gut-feeling tell us things which turn out to be right. These are milder forms of extra-sensory perceptions that psychics are skilled at. So just like some of us are more gifted in sports, the arts, or in intellect, psychics are also more adept at these Extra-Sensory Perceptions (ESP).

In a psychic reading session, the reader will seek to find out information from the consciousness that exists beyond the physical, as well as the inner self of the client. It will bring out truths that will help the person in making decisions, coming to terms with the past, improve their relationships, etc.

How accurate are psychic readings?

The precision with which a psychic can solve your problems or provide answers depends on a variety of factors. It depends not just on how gifted the reader is, but how you engage with the whole experience.

Psychics are gifted with different abilities and skills. How accurate the reading is, depends on whether or not you consulted the right psychic. For example, if you want to communicate with a relative who has passed on, you need to ask a medium who can engage with the ‘other’ world.

It will also depend on how you interact with the psychic. Being prepared with the right questions, being open and honest, focussing your energies on the reading, etc. are just some of the things you can do to help the process along. A client who does not participate actively will leave with less satisfaction and more confusion. An excellent way to ask questions is to keep them open-ended and inquisitive (avoid the ones that can evoke bland answers like a ‘yes’ or ‘no’). It will enable the psychic to elaborate and provide inputs that are helpful to your situation.

When you sit down for a reading, be aware of what your situation is and what your problems are. Many times psychics can give clues or ideas that they themselves may not understand, but which have relevance in your life. It may take more interaction for you to understand what it means in your life. But having a clear assessment of your circumstance and relationships will help you connect the dots and make connections between what is said and how it applies to your life.

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